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This is just a brief question and answer section we've put together.  If you have any other questions please ask! We will always do our best to give you an answer. 

What is the best time of the year to seed? 


    Ground preparation is the most important step in seeding. You can seed March through October, depending on the weather conditions of course. Although, the ideal time to seed is late August though October, when the temperature is 60 to 70 degrees. we have adequate rain, and t here is no competition with weeds. 

Is it all right to plant trees and shrubs in the winter?


    Yes, you can plant year round. In the winter there is plenty of moisture in the ground so you may not need to water your tree or shrub as much. 

What is the proper mowing height for my lawn?


    Proper mowing height should be 3" to 3 1/2" especially through the Hot Summer months when your lawn is under serious stress.  The longer the blades of grass are in turn the deeper and cooler the root system is. 

What is the best type of mulch to use?


    Pine needles and mulch that is natural to the environment and composted well. It will enrich the soil, hekp maintain moisture, and provides insulation during summer and winter months. It should not be thicker than 2" to 3". 

How often should I water my plants?


    Proper watering for new trees and shrubs should be a thorough root soaking at least three times a week. After planting make a soil edged well around the base.  Depending on the size of the root ball 3" to 6" deep more or less.  Fill this well to the top with out overflow so the sides of the well don't erode.  This water will soak into the soil giving the plants roots a thorough watering.  Of couse there is always the exception, some plants can't tolerate water every day so keep this in mind when planting and watering. 

Does Greentree Landscaping & Arborist Services provide Landscape Design?


    Yes. Greentree Landscaping will help you design your ultimate landscaping start to tinish with experienced landscape crews installing your design from start to finish.  

Do you provide written estimates?


    Yes, we're happy to provide written estimates.  We'll be more than happy to meet you at your site and give our expert opinion of your job.   

Do your plants come with a written guarantee?


    While we don't guarantee all plants, guarantees are available for certain plants through out premium service plans.  We will be happy to quote your needs either way.   

How do I determine how much material I need?


    If you are in need of material such as sand, gravel, soil, or mulch, take the square feet of the area, multiple by the depth, and divide by 27.  Example:  10 x 10 area 3" deep, 100 x .25 divided by 27 =.93.  You would need 1 cubic yard for this area.    

How much is one cubic yard of mulch?


    One cubic yard of mulch is equivalent to 9, 3 cubic foot bags and will cover 160 square feet 2" deep.    

How much material can you deliver in a truck load?


    A one ton can hold 8 yards of mulch, 5 yards of soil, sand, and gravel.  A single axle can  hold 20 yards of mulch, 10 yards of topsoil, 8 yards of sand and gravel.  A tandem can hold 45 yards of mulch, 20 yards of soil, 16 yards of sand and gravel.     

Does Greentree Landscaping only do landscaping?


    No, Greentree Landscaping provides, Arborist Services ( tree removal, trimming etc) , Lawn Sevices, Outside Living Areas, Irrigation Systems, Pavers and Patio Work, Landscaping Lighting, Retaining Walls, Cultured Stone or Natural Stone work, Sod and Seeding, Fountain Set Up. Tractor work. Drainage work just to mention some of the main thing we do.       

How do pavers compare to asphalt or concrete?


    Pavers have a longer life span.  Since they are an individual unit, pavers allow for more movements during freezing and thawing so they resist cracking. They are aesthetically more pleasing.        

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